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Gotta Catch Em All!

Today, i'm going to have you take a peek in that drawer or binder you used to hoard trading cards in.  Brush the dust off and take a peek at what you've got inside!  Now, not all of what you see in there is going to cause cash to rain down on your head, but some of it...

JL Audio 5-Channel Car Amplifier

We've covered how even broken, some amplifiers still hold value!  Now let's talk about fully functional amplifiers and how they can bring you even more quick cash! Last week, this JL Audio XD700/5 showed up at the shop, in Salem.  We ran it through the paces and it...

Pay to Play

This time we're going to talk about video game consoles!  There's always a new console just around the corner that you or your kids will want to buy!  Well, at Cash Gekko, we are always happy to see a console walk in the door, even if it isn't the newest thing on the...

Music To Your Ears

  We're always talking about places you can look in your house to find things that can be turned into spendable cash.  Today we're gonna talk about musical instruments! Musical instruments are interesting for a few reasons. They could be hiding in many different...

Get Cash In a Flash…See What we Did There???

So far we've pointed out phones, game consoles, watches, tools, and gold that could bring you money. But what about a camera? Typically newer models are the ones that will bring the most bang for your buck, but not always. For example, this Olympus XA2 35mm camera...

Money On Your Wrist

   If you have looked all over the house and can't find anything laying around to turn into money, take a look at your wrist. You might have something of value closer than you think!  At Cash Gekko, we love to see unique things walk through the door.  One...

Find Money In Your Music

We get it. Payday is still a week away and you have bills to pay. Maybe you've already taken our advice from previous blog posts and looked for broken gold in your jewelry box, for tools you could sell in your garage, for an iPhone you aren't using in your...

Lionel Scale Steam Locomotive

A customer paid us a visit recently with a collectible Lionel train, and walked out with a serious smile on her face. Can you guess why?  Because Cash Gekko turned her train into a fist full of cash.This right here is the 1950 Lionel Scale Hudson type...

Sony 4K 3D Blu-Ray Player

Have you ever noticed how quickly video player technology changes? You buy a new flat screen tv with all of the latest and greatest technology. You buy a high definition, upscaling dvd player to match.  And just as you pay off the incredible gear you...

Cash Gekko Pays Top Dollar Apple Products

          One of the easiest ways to put cash in your pocket fast, is to sell Cash Gekko your unwanted personal electronic devices.  Things like laptops, mobile phones or tablets are items that almost everyone has, and many aren't using very...

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A broken gold chain. A mobile phone you’re not using anymore. A birthday gift you can’t return. Everyone has something that can be turned into cash.

Gold Jewelry

Gold coins, broken gold chains, old class rings, diamond rings – we’ll offer you top dollar.


We buy newer Apple and popular PC brand laptops and personal computing devices.

Cell Phones

Do you have an Apple, Samsung or other popular brand of Apple or Android mobile phone?

Game Systems

We buy XBox, Playstation and Nintendo systems. Even the old ones!


We buy popular brands and sizes of flat panel LCD TV’s and HD PC monitors.

Power Tools

We buy name brand power tools like DeWalt, Milwaukee, Snap-On & Bosch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my item worth?

When appraising your item, we take a variety of factors into account, including age, condition, brand, current market value and current demand. We also use historical pricing data and other available research tools.

Is pricing gold or jewelry different?

When appraising gold we must account for the purity of your gold (10kt, 12kt, 14kt, 18kt or 22kt), the condition of the piece we are appraising and the weight. In addition we must take into account the current market price for gold, as it can, and usually does change throughout each day.
With Diamonds and semi-precious stones, we inspect and test them to ensure they are real (not man made) and to assess their quality and condition.

What do you buy?

We pay cash on the spot for a wide variety of products, many of which you have in your home! If you have something of value, you can always give us a call and ask our knowledgeable & friendly staff if we’d be interested and get an estimate.

What do I bring to sell something?

You need to be 18 years of age and have 2 forms of identification, with one being a valid government issued photo ID. We’ll enter this information into our system and ask you to sign a document testifying that the item you are selling, belongs to you.

When do I get my money?

Once we agree on a price and have had a chance to test the item you brought us, we will pay you in cash on the spot. No waiting.

How old do I have to be?

You must be 18 years of age to sell an item to us. We’ll ask you to attest to your ownership of the merchandise you’re selling with your signature. 

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“I needed cash to repair my laptop screen.  I just sold a digital camera, bluetooth speaker and some binoculars and raised all the cash I needed!”

– Kenton

“Fair, easy to deal with, and friendly.” 

– April

“Good personnel, and I always get a fair shake.”

– Muhammad

“Great prices and quick service.”

– Lori

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