Cash Gekko Pays Top Dollar For Apple Products


One of the easiest ways to put cash in your pocket fast, is to sell Cash Gekko your unwanted personal electronic devices.  Things like laptops, mobile phones or tablets are items that almost everyone has, and many aren’t using very regularly.

While we’ll buy almost any of these items, from almost any manufacturer (we are unable to buy devices with certain older operating systems) our favorites are Apple products.  Apple products are sleek, sexy, and there is an almost insatiable demand for them with our “buying” customers.

Recently, we purchased this Apple TV and iPad Pro. We paid aggressively to the lucky Cash Gekko customer who brought them in to sell – enabling them to pay some pressing, month-end bills.  Now that is a win-win!

Do you have some bills to pay?  Are you in a tight spot waiting for payday? Do you have a personal electronic device like a mobile phone or a laptop that you’re not using? Maybe even an Apple product? 

Come visit us at Cash Gekko, in Salem. We’re located at 748 W 4th Street, in Salem. You can also call us at 540-765-4988 or look us up on Facebook!

Here’s our promise to you.  We’ll do our best to make you a great offer. If we can’t agree on a price, it won’t cost you anything but a little time.  Give it a try and see how easy it is to turn your Apple gear…into cash!  Remember, The Gekko Pays!