1950 Lionel Scale Hudson Steam Locomotive

A customer paid us a visit recently with a collectible Lionel train, and walked out with a serious smile on her face. Can you guess why?  Because Cash Gekko turned her train into a fist full of cash.

This right here is the 1950 Lionel Scale Hudson type 4-6-4 Steam Locomotive No. 773 with 2426W Tender.  This is different from most post-war model trains because it is a full O Scale (1/48) descendent of the pre-war 700E and 763 Locomotives.  This locomotive was produced three different times with slight changes made each time it went into production. This particular one is the original 1950 model and is die cast with a fully functional whistle in the tender!  It is the only post-war locomotive to feature an open grill, just like a real steam locomotive. These two pieces are sought after by collectors and we were thrilled to pay a Cash Gekko customer top dollar for it!  

Thank you to the customer that brought this train in to sell. She paid Chris a visit at the 748 West 4th Street location, in Salem.  He did some research and made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.  So here is the question for you.  Do you have something special like this sitting around your house?  Would you like to find out if you can turn it into a pocket full of one hundred dollar bills? Visit Chris in Salem, give him a call at 540-765-4988 or message him on our Facebook page.  What have you got to lose?!